Spine Service Mission Statement
"Care of the Spine - Backed by research"

Spine Service is located on the St George Hospital Campus in Kogarah, Southern Sydney. The service is primarily a surgical service; however, we work closely with pain physicians, sports physicians, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, nurses and pain psychologists, to offer a holistic approach to the management of your spinal problem in our area and beyond. Our proximity to numerous high-technology diagnostic imaging and pathology services allows for more efficient and effective management of your spinal problem. We have close links with other medical services in the area including, non-operative care of scoliosis, neurology, neurosurgery and rheumatology.

We believe that surgery cannot be offered as a solution in isolation for a patient's problem, hence we approach our care to patients with problems related to their neck and back with numerous potential solutions including Patient education and support, Spinal physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Clinical psychology, Management of chronic pain, Sports medicine, Spinal injection therapy, Second opinions, Case conference, etc.

The service is affiliated with the St George Orthopaedic Research Institute and the University of New South Wales where majority of our cutting-edge research are performed. We are strongly committed to research and education with the aim of offering better services to our patients and developing new technologies for the treatment of spinal disorders. Our clinicians, scientists and engineers are constantly exploring new vistas in the operative and non-operative treatment of spinal disorders.